This program allows a gentle introduction to the classroom for our youngest learners. It consists of students that would be considered traditional Kindergarten age and also older preschoolers as space permits. We prioritize Kinder-age enrollment, since these are the students that will be entering 1st grade the following year. After an initial Kinder enrollment period, we will begin considering the Pre-K applications. In making placement decisions, priority will be given to children of Cedars staff members, then siblings of current students, and finally to others. 

Children must turn five by August 1st to enroll in Kindergarten.

This class will meet M,W,F from 8:30-11:30, with Pre-K students only attending Monday and Wednesday. We know from our own experiences with our children and talking to other parents and teachers that a half-day is the ideal amount of time for these ages. We know this will mean some families having to do multiple pick-ups in a day, but we hope families will seek out carpool options and appreciate the benefits of this schedule for their children.

Mondays and Wednesdays are designed around short lesson times, lots of picture books, plenty of time out-of-doors and a great deal of exploration. We will seek to awaken interest in many areas, filling in gaps where you may not have time or interest as a family. One other advantage to being in a classroom setting is just having playtime with friends and learning to get along well with others. Some of the other activities these children will enjoy over the course of the year are:

  • Nursery rhymes
  • Folk songs and hymns from the school-wide Arts Cycle
  • Listening to and engaging with classical music
  • Dressing up and imaginative play
  • Nature walks in all weather while beginning to learn local birds and bird calls, trees, insects and plants
  • Poetry
  • Habits of attention, obedience, respect, and self-control

Friday mornings will allow some more focused learning time for Kindergarten skills—letter sounds and early reading, handwriting as students show fine-motor readiness, and early number work, all using manipulatives of various kinds.

Home days are intended to be a time of enjoyment for mothers with their children, not a stress! What is most important at the Kindergarten age is that you are able to spend time on the couch reading books aloud with your child. We also want to allow for plenty of time outdoors and playing independently. Additional expectations for home days will be minimal, including no more than thirty minutes to an hour of academic instruction time. This time will consist primarily of using a resource that provides easy, scripted reading lessons for beginning readers. Recommendations for additional resources for supplementing handwriting and math instruction will be available. These will be for use at your own discretion according to your child’s readiness and developmental pace.