Cedars unique model combines the best aspects of homeschooling with key advantages found in a classroom setting with a skilled teacher. Many parents love the flexibility and individualized approach made possible by homeschooling. However, the weight can be crippling when they alone are responsible to select curriculum, track their child’s progress, tackle learning difficulties, and address character weaknesses. At Cedars, parents work side-by-side with a classroom teacher that carefully sets goals for students and evaluates progress. In addition, the structure of the classroom trains children to speak in turn, manage their time, and work hard—even in their weakest subjects.

Some of the key advantages of our model of schooling include:

•  Small class sizes guarantee individualized attention to each student and promote enthusiastic participation by each student.

•  Efficient strategy: New material is taught in class and grading is handled by the teacher, freeing parents to focus on extracurriculars, adapt home instruction to their child’s learning style, or just enjoy evenings as a family without the burden of a pile of homework.

•  Integrated subjects: Rather than compartmentalizing, our teachers implement a holistic approach, demonstrating how each subject relates to the others.

•  Our teachers approach everything from a distinctly Christian worldview for the purpose of raising up godly men and women who are committed first and foremost to Christ, His Church, and the building of His Kingdom.