We are pleased to announce enrollment for the 2021-2022 academic year!

If you would like to have your student(s) attend Cedars, please complete the online form by clicking on the link below. Current students who enroll by March 15 are guaranteed a place. Space is limited for new applicants, and submitting an application does not guarantee enrollment. Priority will be given to siblings and then new students on a first-come, first serve basis. In our combined Pre-K/K class, Kindergarten students will be given priority. An interview may be requested for new families.

As of March 16, 2021 all grade levels for the 2021-2022 academic year are full. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please register using the link below and use the waitlist registration option. We will notify you if a seat becomes available. The registration fee will be refunded if a seat is not offered. 

Click here: Cedars Online Enrollment

Early enrollment opens for all grades on February 15th
Apply by March 15th to get a 75% discount off the registration fee!

$100 for new and returning students ($25 by March 15)
This fee is non-refundable.

Pre-K & Kindergarten |  Marcy Naylor & Maggie Maguire
1st & 2nd Grades         |  Debby Sands & Julia Tucker; Linda Scaggs (Aide)
3rd & 4th Grades         |  Ginger Mahoney
5th & 6th Grades         Heather Ummel
7th & 8th Grades         |  Brandon Chasteen

Stephen Baker, Worldview (7th/8th)
Amanda Ewer, Math
Dewayne Pinkney, Science (5th-8th)
Heather VanTimmeren, Grammar & Spelling
Anne Wegener, Math

8:30am – Noon  – MW, Pre-K
8:30am – Noon  –
MWF, Kindergarten
8:30am – 3:00pm – MWF, 1st-8th

Pre-K                          $800/year
1st – 6th Grade        $2,200/year
7th – 8th Grade       $2,500/year

Student Fee
Pre-K- 2nd Grade         
3rd – 8th Grade           $125/year

This fee includes Living Friday costs (3rd-8th Grade), classroom supplies, and The Arts Cycle book for each student.  

Our multi-child scholarships are intended for families truly in need, understanding that tuition alone does not cover the operating costs of our school. If you do have need, this is one way we seek to make Cedars affordable for you. If you have needs greater than what the multi-child scholarship addresses, we invite you to reach out to our scholarship committee for further assistance: scholarship@cedarschristian.org.

2nd child   –  $ 200 scholarship*
3rd child    –  $ 400 scholarship*
4th child    –  $ 600 scholarship*
5th+ child  –  Full tuition scholarship*

*Scholarships are awarded from oldest to youngest student: Oldest student is normal tuition; 2nd oldest receives a $200 scholarship; 3rd receives $400; 4th receives $600; 5th+ student(s) receive a full-tuition scholarship; however scholarships are not available for our Pre-K program.


First Semester
First Day of Classes: Aug. 23
Labor Day Holiday: Sept. 6
Fall Break: Oct. 11 – 15
Thanksgiving Holiday: Nov. 22 – Nov. 26
Last day of Semester: Dec. 17
Christmas Holiday: Dec. 20 – Jan. 4

Second Semester
First Day of Classes: Jan. 5
MLK Day: Jan. 17
Winter Break: Feb. 11 – 14
Spring Break: March 11 – 18
Easter Break: April 15 – 18
Last Day of Classes: May 13

Families will be responsible to purchase curriculum materials. A complete purchase link will be provided at a later date.

To enroll online, click here: Cedars Online Enrollment

CONTACT us. We’re here to help!